$2.5 Billion in NFT Sales This Week, Volume Climbs 161%, Meebits NFT Sales Surge

During the last seven days, there’s been $2.53 billion non-fungible token (NFT) sales, up 161% over the past week. Ethereum’s blockchain recorded the most NFT sales with $2.45 billion of the aggregate while the Solana network saw around $31.9 million in NFT sales this week. Across 258,536 NFT buyers this week, the NFT collection Meebits captured $1.23 billion in NFT sales.

With $2.5 Billion in NFT Sales Across 10 Chains, Ethereum NFT Sales Dominate by More Than 96%

A great number of non-fungible token sales continue, as the recorded sales across the top 10 blockchains with NFT compatibility amounted to $2.53 billion in NFT sales.

The metric is up 161% during the course of the week, but Ethereum’s NFT sales represent the lion’s share. NFTs stemming from Ethereum captured $2.45 billion and sales on the Ethereum blockchain are up 184% according to cryptoslam.io’s data on Sunday.

Out of this week’s top ten blockchain networks, Theta saw an increase in seven-day sales by 490.39%. Sales on the Wax blockchain increased by 17.10% and Flow blockchain sales jumped by 1.04% this past week.

$2.5 Billion in NFT Sales This Week, Volume Climbs 161%, Meebits NFT Sales Surge

The biggest sale this week, in terms of the most expensive NFT sold in seven days, was Meebit #13824 when it sold for 15,000 ETH or $50.61 million four days ago. Meebit #9711 sold for a touch less than #13824 at 14,730 ether or $49.25 million at the time of settlement.

Meebits has seen a 31,948.20% seven-day increase in sales and the collection is the top NFT compilation in terms of this week’s sales. The Meebits collection saw 574 buyers amid 2,199 transactions spend $1.23 billion in sales.

The week’s second most sold collection is the NFT project Loot as it has seen $281 million in weekly sales according to cryptoslam.io metrics. Loot is followed by Cryptophunks V2 as that NFT project saw $142 million in sales.

While Opensea Nears $15 Billion, Axie Infinity Nears $4 Billion in All-Time NFT Sales Volume

As Bitcoin.com News reported earlier this week, there’s been an influx of traders leveraging the new NFT marketplace Looksrare. The Looksrare NFT market has outpaced Opensea’s seven-day sales statistics with $444.55 million.

Opensea has seen $120.55 million in sales this week, down 32.58% from the week prior. Solana’s Magic Eden was the third-largest marketplace this week with $7.68 million in sales, according to dappradar.com stats.

Meanwhile, two NFT projects are about to reach new milestones in terms of all-time NFT sales volume. The NFT marketplace Opensea, which supports Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, is nearing $15 billion in total sales with $14.68 billion today.

Axie Infinity is getting close to topping $4 billion in total sales, as the NFT project has accrued $3.94 billion so far. Furthermore, Flow’s NBA Top Shot is getting close to $1 billion in volume with $776.49 million total and Solana’s Magic Eden is also nearing the $1 billion mark with $615.05 million in all-time sales.

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