Bring Your AOZ NFT to Life! Claim Your Free Soul

From the moment you minted the selected AOZ citizen NFT, we believe a bond has been created between you and this particular PFP artwork, or a persona of the digital world. Digital doesn’t make it less real. There is something about it that strikes you, and you’d believe that it has a particular character you’d also seen in yourself beneath its colorful skin.

Now you’ve got a chance to bring your AOZ citizen persona to life. The cooperation jointly announced by Mirrorworld and Metaverz Studio (who has created and launched the AOZ project) on January 6th, 2022 will enable you to mint a SOUL for your AOZ persona.

What is a Soul?

A Soul is a dialogue chip powered by artificial intelligence to make your NFT more engaging and interactive. Every Soul NFT can be incorporated into an existing NFT to bring it to life. More specifically, Soul NFT consists of 6 levels of dialogue. Mirror World commercialized the world’s first intelligent NFT in May 2021.

How do you claim a Soul?


Start time: 8 AM UTC, January 6, 2022

AOZ launched public minting on December 15, 2021, hitting milestones of 1500 NFTs for public mint. All our AOZ NFT holders are eligible for a complimentary Mirror World Soul.

First, visit the Mirror World website, select “SOUL” on top, and click the “Claim” button. Next, connect your MetaMask wallet and make sure it’s operating on the Mainnet. Then, proceed with the Soul Claiming process by clicking the “Confirm” button in the MetaMask wallet. Holders are responsible for the gas fee for minting.


Binding your Soul:

After you have claimed your Soul, you can bind it to your AOZ NFT by clicking the “Bind now” button. Once the binding process completes, you can communicate with your AOZ NFT as it’s now endowed with intelligence. If you happen to have more than one AOZ NFT, you can release your Soul and bind with anyone you desire.


Stay Tuned

In Q1 2022, AOZ will introduce a community creation feature enabling AOZ holders to develop derivatives of their Citizens. Community governance will be established for holders to discover new opportunities to use their NFTs in Defi and gaming. A liquidity pool will be set up to stabilize AOZ NFT prices, coming from 5% of sales.

In Q2 2022, AOZ will launch the Metaverse of Decentropolis and introduce AOZ gamefi. Decentropolis is vulnerable to aliens, and all citizens must combat these invaders and restore the city together. Users will explore the interactive metaverse with NFT avatars and enjoy an incredible multiplayer experience.

About AOZ

Launched by Metaverz Studio, Age of Z (AOZ) is a revolutionary Photo For Profile project that incorporates the Gen Z community’s principles and values: inclusivity, privacy, and free will. AOZ comprises 1993 hand-drawn “Citizens”, each with its own set of futuristic qualities. All citizens are committed to establishing a self-sufficient, autonomous, and harmonious new world in which innovative and collaborative solutions are adopted to protect and enhance privacy. The AOZ metaverse is an open and decentralized community featuring cyberpunk and contemporary art.

About Mirror World

Mirror World is a virtual world on blockchain-powered by artificial intelligence and other technologies. It integrates multiple games and experiences and gives users access to various gaming scenarios by utilizing interconnected and independent economic systems. There are AI virtual creatures capable of exercising their wills, along with real-world users. Users can communicate with them in the Mirror World and interact with them in social, gaming, and other scenarios.



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