Crypto job searches on LinkedIn gain by 395% in 2021

The crypto market recorded exponential growth in prices. However, this sector’s growth also created more job opportunities, and recent data shows that jobs related to the cryptocurrency sector increased by 395% in 2021. This data shows another area where crypto has recorded significant growth compared to the broader technology sector.

Crypto job searches surge by 395% in the US

The sampled data was from the US alone, showing that crypto job searches on LinkedIn increased by 395% during the period. This is almost double the job listing made during the previous year.

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The broader tech sector recorded a 98% growth in crypto job searches. This is a mild comparison to the staggering growth of crypto jobs. Additionally, most industries were influenced by the growth of the crypto sector.

The insight shared by the LinkedIn News post stated, “While most of the job postings were in software and finance, other industries are also seeing a rise in demand for crypto talent. These include professional services like accounting and consulting, as well as the staffing and computer hardware sectors.”

Similar growth is expected to occur in 2022. Some of the leading players in the cryptocurrency sector have hundreds of job openings. Binance, the largest exchange platform, has listed over 600 job posts. Kraken has listed over 300 jobs, while Coinbase has more than 250 job listings.

While the crypto job sector has grown significantly, some cannot switch to crypto jobs. However, crypto remuneration is also gaining traction, whereby several notable people such as the mayors of New York and Miami have announced their interest to take part of their salaries in Bitcoin.

Not all LinkedIn users are convinced by crypto

While the professional job site has seen increased interest in crypto-related jobs, a significant portion of users on the platform are yet to be convinced on matters of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The comments on LinkedIn’s post featured users who did not understand how cryptocurrencies gained value. One of the users illustrated how the crypto industry was filled with scammers.

Currently, the cryptocurrency sector is witnessing stunted growth due to the slugging performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The rally witnessed during Q1 2021 is yet to be witnessed this year. Therefore, the growing adoption and job offerings available in the sector could dwindle if the market fails to register significant gains.

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