French Connection Finance: FCF Pay Partners With 500+ E-Commerce and in-Store Merchants

French Connection Finance (FCF) is a dividend generating cryptocurrency that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. FCF is building an ecosystem that benefits investors whilst developing products that have strong real-world value.

This story will cover four exciting aspects of FCF’s project:

1) The innovative and rewarding ecosystem

2) FCF Pay – a premier crypto and fiat payment gateway

3) New partnership (500+ e-commerce and brick & mortar stores)

4) Upcoming exchange listings

The Rewarding Ecosystem

Get paid to do nothing. Okay, not nothing – but almost nothing. Simply buy and hold onto some $FCF tokens and watch your dividends accumulate! Thanks to the innovative ecosystem that FCF is developing, you can establish a strong source of passive income when you invest in FCF.

Dividends are generated through a tax placed on each sale, purchase, and transfer of FCF tokens. The tax is sent to a dividend pool which then automatically distributes BNB rewards to all FCF holders every 24 hours.

Over $1.3 million dollars in BNB rewards have been distributed to holders so far!

Dividends will be further increased through FCF Pay – a crypto and fiat payment gateway that makes crypto payments easy.

FCF Pay – Making Crypto Payments Easy

Want to make purchases with your crypto while avoiding the hassle of converting your crypto to fiat, depositing that into your bank, and then waiting days for it to process?

FCF Pay has you covered!

FCF Pay is a multifaceted crypto and fiat payment gateway which enables crypto holders to make anonymous online purchases with their cryptocurrency.

Simply decide which of your cryptocurrencies you would like to use to make your purchase, scan the appropriate QR code or enter the wallet ID of an FCF Pay affiliated merchant, and complete your transaction! It really is that simple.

The FCF Pay plugin is available to all WooCommerce merchants, and a Shopify plugin is in development. FCF is also creating the necessary technology so that you can make in-store purchases with your crypto, too!

In addition to the real-world use case of FCF Pay, it contributes to the FCF ecosystem through three fundamental features:

1) Dividend Generation

2) Buy Back

3) Burn

Every purchase made through FCF Pay incurs a small processing fee of 1.5% or less (depending on merchant volume). A portion of each processing fee is sent to the dividend pool, and a portion is used to purchase FCF tokens which are immediately sent to a burn wallet.

These features increase dividend rewards, buy pressure, and FCF token value!

FCF Pay is currently in beta testing and is set for public launch next month (February 2022).

500+ E-Commerce and Brick & Mortar Stores Partner with FCF Pay

FCF has recently signed a deal with a company that partners with more than 500 e-commerce and brick & mortar stores around the world.

This means that when FCF Pay launches publicly in February, there will already be 500+ stores using it to accept crypto payments!

Upcoming Exchange Listings – & KuCoin

With the launch of FCF Pay and the ever-growing community of FCF holders (now more than 13,000), FCF is preparing for bigger and better exchange listings.

While it is not known exactly when or where FCF will be listed next, it can be expected to be listed on and KuCoin in the coming months. This will expose FCF to millions of new investors!


With an innovative and rewarding ecosystem, a real-world product in FCF Pay, the new e-commerce and in-store partnership, and upcoming exchange listings, it is difficult to conclude anything other than a bullish outlook for FCF.

As always, this is not financial advice, and we encourage you to do your own research.

You can learn more about FCF by visiting their official website, Blog, and Twitter, and you can join the FCF community by their Telegram channel.


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