Lamborghini partners with NFT PRO to launch NFT series

Luxurious car brand, Lamborghini, is venturing into the booming non-fungible token (NFT) sector. Lamborghini will be joining the long list of traditional companies venturing towards the cryptocurrency sector.

The Italian car manufacturing company has announced that it will be releasing an NFT series backed by a major story.

Lamborghini launching an NFT series

The NFT collection to be released by Lamborghini will comprise five exclusive digital artworks with space themes. The NFTs will be created by an artist whose name has yet to be disclosed.

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Those that want to access the NFT need to own one of the five special “Space Keys” created by the same artist behind the NFT. The NFTs are unique and rare, given that the Physical Space Keys that have inspired the work have been created using carbon material retrieved from space.

In 2019, Lamborghini worked with the International SpaceStation in a joint research project. Lamborghini sent carbon fibre samples to NASA, with actual samples from space being used to create the Space Keys.

The Head of Communications at Lamborghini, Tim Bravo, commented on this development saying, “I’ve been truly intrigued by the blockchain and all the possibilities that this technology offers. True cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens are by far the most popular and at the same time maybe the least remarkable applications of the blockchain.”

Lamborghini has added that additional details regarding the artist’s identity and the auction date for the NFT series would be unveiled. According to the announcement, the NFT series was made in partnership with NFT PRO, an enterprise NFT collection that has helped other brands integrate NFTs in their operations.

Leading brands venturing towards NFTs

NFTs have become highly popular among brands that want to push for brand awareness. Last year saw a record-high number of brands launching NFT products. Popular food brands such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Campbell’s have also launched NFT offerings.

Luxurious brands have been at the forefront in launching NFT offerings. Leading luxury clothing brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton have ventured into NFTs. Tech firms are also these assets, with Samsung announcing plans to integrate NFTs in its smart TVs.

The NFT sector has recorded increased trading volumes this month. OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, is already breaking its previous highs in trading volumes. The daily trading volumes on OpenSea recently hit $261 million, breaking previous highs.

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