Uniswap Hires Former Obama Aide amidst Regulatory Scrutiny

Uniswap, a leading decentralized exchange, has appointed Hari Sevugan to manage Uniswap’s media affairs. Sevugan was a spokesperson for former US President Barack Obama, and he has connections to the US Democratic Party.

Sevugan’s appointment is one of Uniswap’s latest hires. The DEX is currently expanding its team to comply with the fast-changing regulatory framework. Sevugan’s appointment was confirmed by Uniswap’s founder, Hayden Adams, who welcomed him to the protocol on Thursday.

Manage Uniswap’s Media Affairs

Sevugan is a popular name in Washington, and he is popular for the role he played in Obama’s campaign in 2008. In his new role, he will handle the entire media affairs of Uniswap. He will also enable the firm to create better relationships with both new and existing users.

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Following his appointment, Sevugan affirmed that it was inevitable for crypto and blockchain technology would make an integral part of the future.

“I’m excited to join the brilliant team at Uniswap because they’re committed to making sure we build in a way that reaches crypto’s potential of giving more people ownership of their own financial futures and the value they create,” he added.

Sevugan will be responsible for working with lawmakers to boost awareness regarding Uniswap and the entire decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem in his new role. Speaking on this role, Sevugan stated that the crypto space was ‘opaque’ and was not understood by external parties. However, he confirmed that he would enable more people to connect to the DeFi ecosystem and better understand how this space works.

Uniswap Facing Regulatory Scrutiny

The recent appointment of Sevugan comes at a time when Uniswap is facing heavy regulatory scrutiny by US lawmakers. Early last month, Uniswap received a notice by the US Securities and Exchange Commission that the regulatory body was launching investigations into the protocols.

When investigations into Uniswap were filed, reports revealed that the SEC was seeking more details on the marketing and investment strategies used by Uniswap. This positioned the DEX in a rough position where it had to strategize on how they get back into the good books of the SEC.

In June, the Uniswap governance community voted to pass a controversial DeFi Education Fund. This fund was backed by the UNI treasury tokens that would lobby and support educational initiatives. The protocol further stated that the fund would be used to support the DeFi sector and protect it from too many regulations.

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