3air Leverages Blockchain Technology to Deliver Extensive Broadband Connectivity in Africa

The broadband internet connectivity platform, 3air, aims to bring seamless broadband connectivity within Africa. The recently announced platform recognizes the internet connectivity issues and the enormous interest in blockchain technology on the African continent. 3air solves the connectivity challenge by using wireless broadband technology to reach previously under-connected areas.

3air is built on the Cardano blockchain, leveraging the chain’s progressive technologies. Furthermore, the 3air token takes advantage of the IOHK Atala Prism Identification Management solution.

The company plans to build broadband in developing countries where other institutions have not been able to lay out the required infrastructure. Most of Africa’s internet users connect using mobile internet, which is often limited in bandwidth, expensive and unreliable. 3air plans to offer broadband internet with speed up to 1 Gbps, along with IP telephony and digital TV subscriptions.

According to the World Bank, building out the infrastructure for high-speed broadband internet will take at least until 2030 and require over $100 billion in investment. 3air’s proposed solution launches broadband services in a new country within 6 months and investments of around $10-$20 million.

3air Strengthening K3 Last Mile Tech

One of 3air’s most vital partners is K3 Telecom, a leading telecommunications service provider in the industry today. Its technology distributes microwave radio signals through the air, offering a faster and more cost-effective way of procuring services.

The K3 last mile technology institutes a base station which distributes internet services to users within a 30+mile radius. Teams on the ground conduct extensive research on city layouts to install base stations in strategic locations to optimize reach and performance.

In the long run, 3air’s vision is headed towards straightforward, affordable, and reliable communication pathways, unlike 3G networks. Moreover, the startup plans to educate Africa on blockchain technology after efficiently improving the region’s broadband internet connectivity.

The platform has also garnered several partnerships throughout its inception, joining forces with technology-based companies like CV Labs, Iceaddis, and more on its cause.

Identity management on the blockchain

3air is built on the Cardano blockchain, leveraging the chain’s progressive technologies. Furthermore, the 3air token takes advantage of the IOHK Atala Prism Identification Management solution.

The Atala Prism system allows for creation of digital identities called DID’s, that can be used for identification and personal information tracking with privacy options to give users their provable identities. This also allows for tracking credit scores for the user. With regular usage of broadband services and adding additional payment data, users can build their credit scores that can be used to take out loans within or even outside the platform.

3air to Unveil Africa’s Untapped Potential

To estimate the market potential, 3air lays out several estimations for rollout in different countries in its whitepaper. According to their research, Nigeria alone has the potential of generating $60 million of annual revenue in the broadband telecommunications industry. Combined with other developments within the continent, it shows the unprecedented potential that lies here.

Creating stable high-speed networks is one way to derive the best results from the developing cities while bringing more worth to citizens. Sandi Bitenc, CEO of 3air, talks about the importance of setting up broadband infrastructure:

“Imagine your private or business life without a fast and reliable internet connection. Unfortunately, this is the reality of many people in developing countries. Now imagine the troubles of such a country as a whole. Development of a 3rd world country needs to focus on multiple areas including economic development, social development, environmental protection, poverty eradication and others. Solving them is hard and occasionally conflicting, but solving them without information and connectivity is virtually impossible.”

To be a part of the 3air community and follow the company’s progress, you can register for the public pre-sale set to kick off on November 26 here.


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