AI makes the metaverse safer and more inclusive: The Sandbox co-founder

AI continues to be more pervasive in emerging technologies, and according to a co-founder of The Sandbox, it will make digital spaces more inclusive places.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword in the emerging tech scene after the release of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT-4. However, opinions on this groundbreaking technology are mixed, with some claiming it is something to be feared. 

Speaking to Cointelegraph reporter Jesse Coghlan at the WOW Summit Hong Kong 2023, Sebastien Borget, co-founder and chief operating officer of The Sandbox and president of the Blockchain Game Alliance, said he is excited about “the possibilities that AI offers for creators.”

Rather than fearing AI, Borget said essentially it is here to help creators create even faster. 

“With this tool, generative AI, [creators] can show and materialize ideas in seconds. It’s fantastic. The speed at which ideas can come to life has been accelerated so much.”

Borget continued by saying this will help bring more life into the metaverse, moreover, more “diverse and inclusive” avatars for users. 

The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget and Cointelegraph reporter Jesse Coghlan at WOW Summit Hong Kong 2023. Source: Cointelegraph

He signaled to a company developing an AI application that allows users to upload videos from a smartphone, take emotions directly from the live feed, and add them to an avatar. According to The Sandbox co-founder, this AI use case allows “more expression and feeling” in content creation.

“AI also helped to make the metaverse safer because it can moderate text in chats to reduce toxicity, for example, in a more automated manner.”

This is not the first time AI has been mentioned as a way to improve safety in the Web3 space. AI-based tools are said to be able to bring security and transparency to nonfungible token markets.

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Others have echoed Borget’s sentiment of AI being used to make the metaverse more interactive. It can help in more accurate representations of physical-world social experiences that are yet to be possible in the metaverse available today.

Nonetheless, AI skeptics are still sounding alarms over the potential negative effects stemming from the technology. On March 22, over 2,600 leaders and researchers in the tech industry, including Elon Musk, signed an open letter stressing the need for a pause on further AI development. 

The letter cites “profound risks to society and humanity” with the current speed of developments.

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