Hedge Funds Are Using Social Media Algorithms to Crack Crypto Prices


Guest post by: Thomas Glare

Have you ever heard about Facebook and Instagram price algorithms? Well, most influencers on these social media channels will mention it, and it may confuse you. We’re here to clarify because moving forward. It will mean a lot as we discuss hedge funds and crypto prices. Social media algorithms are a distinct method of sifting and sorting a user’s timeline to include only the relevant posts and exclude those who mean less to them. Way before this was possible, social media used to give priority to the publishing time on a post, and less relevant posts were those already published. For Facebook and Twitter, this is still an option.

For our case, advanced algorithms are examining social media for hints as to why bitcoin crypto prices have stubbornly risen above the ranks in 2019. These algorithms have also been useful to foresee future crypto prices change.

Crypto prices

Social Media to Predict Cryptocurrency Values

Reuters has published a report that indicates how hedge fund managers and crypto prices administrators are using the crypto compare algorithms to extract data from social media. These companies have resolved to create computer algorithms that use social media blueprints to predict the most valuable coins within the market and their crypto prices. More than that, they can accurately predict crypto prices with super consistency. Advances in this type of endeavor have given these companies a price advantage over the older predictive sites.

Only because algorithms predict crypto prices by scanning the most inhabited social media sites, these include; Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and WeChat. They are full of investors seeking opinions and clicking on links to hedge funds to predict crypto prices. This is not in any way a simple task and is a high-budget venture that eventually pays off in significant digits. Therefore, the market has only the most prominent players who can implement such a profitable crypto price- program. These trends in prices are hardly ever easy to manipulate and predict due to the internet’s massive traffic. In the end, however, even programmers leave the endearing task to the digital computers for analysis and better crypto prices as well as productivity.

Cryptocurrency values

Cryptocurrency values

Sentiment Analysis

The programmers have enabled a feature termed the “sentiment analysis.” This involves computers sifting through social media messages to determine the investor price-mood when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency assets. They also evaluate how people view ethereum vs. bitcoin crypto prices and the ethereum current prices. It also rationally analyses the abundant retail crypto investors who predict market movements differently than other organizations.

These companies believe that people’s behavior can accurately define how they make their investments and view specific crypto prices. Social media users have only a fraction of the information on crypto prices, and they cannot know the most valued coins. Crypto prices are also constantly changing, and most of the data is unreliable, especially the economic indicators and financial records and statements.

Fake News

Every significant technological advance has its hurdles and needless to say. Sentiment analysis has run into some of its own. As they sift through the traffic and the data, they have run into what is now commonly termed fake news. These are inaccurate statements that are biased towards unreliable data, which is not very essential for investors. The algorithm creators are always pursuing accurate data and filtering out unusable data, especially on crypto prices.

This is a great challenge, but the algorithm of crypto prices works efficiently all the same. It gathers all the information from the sites and tries to decipher the people who are trading and what sites are they using for transactions. Furthermore, they evaluate the liquidation value of the crypto prices and finally filters out the fake news and requires no deposit slots to access this information. Twitter is primarily filled with irrelevant data that may mislead investors towards ambitious crypto prices.

These great leaps have made the market quite pliable and risk-free for most investors. Social media sites have paved the way for accessing relevant information. But more than this, it provides a platform for crypto advertisements geared towards people with interests in investment.


Hedge funds seeking a new perspective on the evolving crypto price-market is not a new phenomenon. However, the increasing advancement of social media algorithms has paved the way for crypto investors. The only big problem is the social media traffic that is abundant in irrelevant news and crypto price predictions. All these data is the biggest challenge to new crypto prices analysis algorithms. All in all, these advances in computer algorithms will keep improving and becoming sophisticated. With this in mind, all the abundant fake news regarding crypto prices will be sifted out only to derive reliable information.

As an investor, be ready to evolve with the times you are in as it might make a difference between big profits by enjoying the most economical crypto prices and regrettable investments. Remember to use safe platforms for price investment, most preferably ones that use advanced social media algorithms.

Do you believe hedge funds and crypto prices have benefitted immensely from social media algorithms, and are this the right way to go? Leave a question or a comment.

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