Smart Marketing Token (SMT) Is on a Mission to Help Blockchain Projects Reach Their Goals

Blockchain developers can find it very daunting to attract an audience these days, when so many new ventures are hitting the market at an ever increasing pace. This is why Smart Marketing Token stepped up to help projects with promotion, so they can reach all their goals and spread the word about blockchain technology around the globe.

SMT Is Building on the Success of Student Coin

Smart Marketing Token is a tokenized marketing agency that will be responsible for promoting tokens created on the Student Coin Terminal. SMT will be providing promotional services for ICO, IDO, and IEO. All of the assistance will be billed based on the commission from the generated net profit. All ICOs Launchpads that will be listed on Student Coin Terminal will be promoted by SMT, and the service will cost just 3% of the total net profit raised in funding on STC Ecosystem.

If you are not yet familiar with this ecosystem, Student Coin is a platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens. STC raised more than $21 million in its ICO on April 22, 2021, and ranked within the top 500 crypto on the coin rankings. Wojciech Podobas, the CEO and Founder of Student Coin, now also serves on the Smart Marketing Token Advisory Board. This will ensure that SMT tokens are set to gain a lot from the experience and expertise developed by the success of Student Coin.

SMT has a growing list of partners in addition to Student Coin, which includes: Coinzilla – an initiative to promote the continuously expanding crypto niche; Lean Token – the currency for Lean and Continuous Improvement Practitioners; Coinranking – Provider of the freshest data about cryptocurrency; Dextools – Real-time data analysis service; and Coincodex – Provider of the freshest data about cryptocurrency and AI trading.

One of the long term goals of Smart Marketing Token is to build a platform on which projects will be able to automatically purchase marketing services that will be done by freelancers 24/7 in an exceptionally fast time. This will include everything needed for promotion such as buying traffic, creating high-performing banners, SM promotion and more. Another goal is to also build an educational platform, available only for SMT Token holders to share knowledge and find tips and tricks from marketing experts.

The Best Way to Buy SMT Tokens

Every quarter Smart Marketing Token will give the community of SMT holders an opportunity for their voices to be heard. They will be able to choose and vote with their coins on the project that they want SMT to promote. The more SMT they hold, the stronger their voice will be. This element will have an impact on the SMT token price, the better the project that the community chooses, the higher the price will rise.

At some point of the project, it is also planned to introduce the buyback and staking program. SMT Token buybacks will be performed using part of the funds raised from B2B clients and will be distributed via SMT Token stakers.

Smart Marketing Token launched SMT on August 2, 2021, for community members and the public to purchase tokens. The event will run until October 31, 2021, and will be divided into 100 phases. Each phase has a target cap of $20,000, with subsequent phases attracting a 1% rise in SMT value. For now, the team has already collected more than $700,000 via the event. The SMT team is fully transparent in its activities and operates under the regulations of the European Union.

To learn more about the project visit right now. You can also purchase SMT Tokens through the website – the easiest way to buy SMT using your credit card, Coinbase or Metamask wallets.

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